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Introduction to Smart Communities Technology – April 7, 2017 Felician University

Agenda and Panelists
Media Release
Verizon Smart Communities Industry Perspective
Introduction to Smart City Technology, John N. Morgan, Director, Department of Transportation and Parking, The City of Hoboken

Reinventing New Jersey’s Obsolete Suburban Office Campus –The Local and Statewide Impacts - July 12, 2013

Agenda and Speakers
Press Release and Photos
Maraziti Reinventing NJ's Obsolete Suburban Office Campuses
Medina NJ Suburban Markets
Reinventing the office complex: Industry experts say aging structures border on obsolete -


Crisis Communications - Techniques For Communicating With Constituents, The Media, And Service Providers March 22, 2013

An Overview and Framework for Crisis Communication - Michael Turner
Basics of Intergovernmental Crisis Communication - Captain Thomas Scardino
Basics of Crisis Communication with the Public – from press to social media - Debbie Winogracki

New Jersey Infrastructure : What is Needed and How to Fund It” December 12, 2012

NJ Infrastructure History - James Hughes
Transportation Infrastructure - Dave Kuhn
Water and Wastewater Infrastructure - Suzanne Chiavari
The New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust - David Zimmer
Event Photos

Year 4 of Economic Recovery:  New Municipal Realities To Come”

Event Summary and Photos
Part II: The New Municipal Reality Difficult Choices
Presentation by Patrick O’Keefe, Director of Economic Research, JH Cohn, LLP

Emergency Management:  Utilities and Shore Communities

Community Leaders Review Lessons at  “Emergency Management:  Utilities and Weather Emergencies”
Kevin Carr, Program Resiliency Manager, PSEG Services Corp.
Tony Aquila, Homeland Security Specialist, NJNG – Natural Gas Sector
PSEG’s Energy & Environmental Resource Center
Kevin Chambliss Director of Work Management PSEG Nuclear
    Emergency Management and Shore Communities
    PSE&G - Nuclear Power Preparedness
Guidance on Government Emergency Purchasing
Verizon Emergency Contacts for Governments

Month 25 of Economic Recovery:  Where are we and where are we going? July 8, 2011

Event Summary and Photos
Program Outline
White Paper 2011: Economic Growth, but Slowdowns Persist
Economic Overview
New Jersey's Fiscal Outlook FY 2012
New Jersey Fiscal Outlook: Revenue Picture
U.S. Municipal Market - Credit Characteristics
Outlook for New Jersey Employment
Video of the Proceedings

Local Law Enforcement Strategies: Technology and New Management Models 3/30/11

Event Summary and Photos
Printed Program
White Paper - Police Department Regionalization, Consolidation, Merger & Shared Services
Restructuring Options for Municipal Police Services
Maintaining Force Effectiveness in a Recession
Interoperability for Emergency Services

Moving Up in a Downturn - 09/24/10
    Event Photos
    Program outline and sponsors
    Moving Up in a Downturn - White Paper
    Video of the Forum

2010: A Stabilizing Economy but Uncertainties Remain
Photos and Summary (held 07/09/10)

James Hughes Presentation
Patrick O'Keefe Presentation
Rae Rosen Presentation

Cover of the "Social Media for Public Officials" Program

Read about this Event 3/30/10

Newark Mayor Cory Booker presents at
“Social Media for Public Officials”




Housing Summit 3/31/09