To: Mayors

From: Hon. Louise Wilson, President of the NJLM Educational Foundation, Inc.
Hon. Timothy McDonough, League President
William G. Dressel, Jr., Executive Director, NJLM

Re: New Jersey Mayor’s Book Club Initiative

Date: July 20, 2009

We are writing to invite you to apply to participate in an exciting project to promote early literacy in communities across the state of New Jersey. The New Jersey League of Municipalities (NJLM) and The National League of Cities (NLC) are launching a new technical assistance project to provide practical help to mayors, municipal council members, and senior municipal staff to launch Mayor’s Book Clubs for young children.

Attached is a request for proposals (RFP) inviting interested municipalities to submit an application form and a letter from the mayor addressing a set of questions outlined in the RFP. NJLM and NLC will competitively select approximately five municipalities from the pool of applicants based on each municipality’s demonstrated interest and commitment to promoting early literacy. The selection committee will seek to choose a diverse group of municipalities in terms of municipality size, geographic location within the state, and demographics. The project will provide hands-on, practical assistance to teams interested in launching a Mayor’s Book Club and taking their early literacy work to the next level. Key elements of this technical assistance will include phone consultation, cross-site learning, connection to experts and peers, an in-person meeting, and limited on-site assistance.

Given your interest and passion for this work, we hope you will consider applying for this technical assistance project. If your community is interested in participating in the Mayor’s Book Clubs: Promoting Early Literacy in New Jersey initiative please complete the attached application form and letter, and return it by August 14, 2009. If you have any questions, please contact Tonja Rucker at (202) 626-3004 or Bill Dressel at (609) 695-3481 ext. 122

If you plan on completing the RFP (Mayors Book Club Initiative) by August 14th please contact Becky Wright at